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NYFF53 Submissions

Submissions for the 53rd New York Film Festival are now open!

May 24, 2015 – Earlybird Deadline
June 21, 2015 – Regular Deadline
July 3, 2015 – Projections (Avant-Garde) Late Deadline
July 10, 2015 – Late Deadline

The New York Film Festival was founded in 1962 and is produced by the Film Society of Lincoln Center which aims to demonstrate the development of international film art and contemporary trends in content, form, and style.

The festival is highly competitive with an average of 30 feature films in the Main Slate which are chosen by the five member Selection Committee.

In addition to the Main Slate (features), NYFF offers a comprehensive selection of sidebar programs including:

► Short film selections with programs focused on New York, Documentaries, Animation, and Genre Film

► Projections, NYFF's annual exploration of Avant-Garde cinema

► Convergence, the festival's immersive storytelling program exploring interactive film, game play and design, and transmedia


1.) Film Society of Lincoln Center defines a short film as any film with a running time less than 50 minutes.

2.) Film Society of Lincoln Center defines a feature film as any film with a running time greater then 50 minutes.

3.) Non-narrative and experimental films of any length may be submitted to Projections.

4.) All films submitted to NYFF must be New York City premieres. “Premiere” is defined as any film having not screened for the public in the greater New York area, or having received a run in a festival operating within New York City.

5.) Only world premieres may be considered for Opening and Closing Night. “World Premiere” is defined as any film having not received a theatrical run or festival screening of any kind.

6.) Films having received any theatrical or home video distribution of any kind beyond festival screenings or that have been broadcast on television or the internet will be deemed ineligible for NYFF.

7.) Films that have had private, unpublicized screenings are eligible for submission to NYFF.

8.) Films that have been previously submitted to NYFF or Views from the Avant-Garde are ineligible

9.) Films must have been completed in the current or previous year (2014, 2015).

10.) All applicants must complete the official festival submission form located on withoutabox.com.

11.) NYFF reserves the right to disqualify any film not submitted through these websites without refund of any application fees.

12.) The applicant holds the sole responsibility of copyright clearance of any copyrighted material in the film. Films including unauthorized copyrighted material are ineligible.

13.) Films not in English must be subtitled in English unless dialogue is minimal and not necessary for the comprehension of the Film.


1.) Films Submitted on DVD will not be returned. Films submitted in other formats will be returned only if the applicant supplies a FedEx or UPS Account Number.

2.) Multiple versions of the same film will not be considered.

3.) Only the first submitted version of a film will be considered for NYFF.

4.) If the DVD does not play in an industry standard DVD player, NYFF will make an attempt to contact the applicant based on the contact information supplied at the time of submission in order to obtain a replacement. If a replacement is not available, NYFF reserves the right to disqualify the film without refunding the submission fees.

5.) NYFF will attempt, but is under no obligation, to view a submission that arrives after the designated deadline without refund of the submission fee.

6.) Submitted films that qualify based on the regulations and eligibility requirements stated here will be seen by NYFF programming staff and be considered equally with all other submissions.

7.) NYFF reserves the right to disqualify any film for non-payment of the submission fee. NYFF will attempt to contact the applicant based on the contact information supplied at the time of submission in order to resolve non-payment status.

8.) NYFF is under no obligation to provide comments regarding submitted films to any applicant. The festival is not responsible for any internal comments obtained by the applicant regarding their film.