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Deep Focus: The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

By Michael Sragow on Mar 4, 2015

Is this gerontic paradise located in the heart of mushville, or further out on breezier, feel-good pastures?

Interview: Miguel Llansó and Yohannes Feleke

By Tina Poglajen on Mar 4, 2015

Future shocking: director and star of Crumbs talk about their surreal, Ethiopian-set feature

Interview: Cristián Jiménez

By Alejandro Veciana on Mar 3, 2015

Unspoken consequences: the writer/director of Voice Over, which screens as part of Film Comment Selects, speaks about his sociological approach to divorce drama

ND/NF Interview: Joel Potrykus

By Jordan Osterer on Mar 2, 2015

Getting to the heart of Buzzard's nerd-rage-prone antihero with its writer, director, and co-star


Film Comment Selects: Nils Malmros

By Max Nelson on Feb 27, 2015

The getting of wisdom: on the Danish auteur's deeply personal cinema and rare insights into childhood (and beyond)

Notebook: An Evening with Tom McCarthy

By Jackson Arn on Feb 27, 2015

Double détournement: a screening of Burroughs's Towers Open Fire and Grimonprez's Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, with commentary from the novelist

Interview: David Cronenberg

By Graham Fuller on Feb 26, 2015

Heavenly bodies: the filmmaker discusses the intersection of power, family, lies, and (career) death in Maps to the Stars

Deep Focus: Maps to the Stars

By Michael Sragow on Feb 26, 2015

David Cronenberg’s formalist and fungoid Hollywood satire cum ghost story, featuring Julianne Moore's other award-winning tour de force

Film of the Week: Eastern Boys

By Jonathan Romney on Feb 26, 2015

Robin Campillo's brooding, exquisitely controlled drama of migrant sex work refuses any one interpretation

Interview: Christian Petzold

By Nicolas Rapold on Feb 26, 2015

The director of Phoenix discusses his collaboration with Harun Farocki and Hitler bunker conspiracy theories

Rep Diary: Tulsa

By Julian Ross on Feb 25, 2015

Bastards of young: a look back at Larry Clark's early film work

Notebook: Oscar Week

By Eugene Hernandez on Feb 25, 2015

Harness your hopes: the decreasing distance between independent films and Hollywood award-winners

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